Your Antique Mirror Is Dirty? Let’s Clean It Up!

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Antique mirrors can be found in several antique mirror manufacturers in Indonesia. Antique mirrors have scratches and stains that make them an attraction in themselves. It is these scratches that make the room sweeter. However, caring for antique mirrors in Indonesia is difficult. If you are still a beginner may be confused about taking care and clean it because your antique mirror can arise spots, blurry impressions, even blackish lines on the surface.

How to Clean Antique Mirrors

Because of the anticipation and aesthetics possessed by this antique mirror, it certainly makes you very full of care to clean it. Moreover, it is pretty challenging to get antique mirrors in Indonesia. If you want to get a vintage antique mirror, you may buy it through an antique mirror manufacturer in Indonesia.

Yep, this might be the first time you have an antique mirror, so it’s natural to be very careful when you want to clean it. Here are some ways you can clean up stains or dust in antique mirrors.

Use Dry and Soft Wipes

The first way you can use is to use a dry and soft cloth. Next, you can clean stains or dust on your antique mirror using a dry wipe but keep it quiet. Finally, gently press so as not to damage the glass or coating on the antique mirror.

Use Neutral Soap

The following way is to mix a few drops of neutral soap into a bucket of clean water, of course. Neutral soap here means soap with a balanced pH, does not contain ammonia, vinegar, or abrasive. Because it is feared that it could damage glass and mirror fibers, you can use a cloth or cotton swab dipped in soapy water. Next, use a tissue to clean the falling water droplets.

Take it to the Antique Mirror Shop

If the previous way has also not succeeded in removing stains or dirt, you should take your antique mirror to an antique mirror shop in Indonesia. Chances are they’ll replace the silver lining on the mirror. However, if it is not possible, you have to change the whole mirror, and of course, the price becomes more expensive.

Don’t worry. Even if the silver lining on your antique mirror is replaced, it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic value of the mirror. However, usually, antiques will be more appreciated if left as they are.

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