Indonesian Antique Mirror Space Aesthetic Enhancer

antique mirror indonesia

The current function of mirrors is to show the reflection of our shadows and enhance the aesthetics of space, including Indonesian antique mirrors. Interior lovers often hunt Indonesian antique mirrors because of their uniqueness that can beautify the room.

This antique mirror is adapted to the desired interior of the room, ranging from the shape, color of the frame, placement even to the basic materials. There are several antique mirror references that you can apply in your room, including:

Indonesian Antique Mirror Rectangular Shape

This form is the most commonly found. For antique mirrors with this shape can be placed in the living room or bedroom. In addition to beautifying the room, mirrors with this shape can also give a spacious impression of a space that looks minimalist.

Indonesian Antique Mirror In Circle Shape

For this one shape, it can be put in the hallway of your house. This is not without reason. Antique mirrors in the shape of a circle can give a complete impression of the room.

Indonesian Antique Mirror With Carving

For carving lovers, perhaps this shape is perfect for you. Antique mirrors with this carving can be placed in the living room, living room, or bedroom. Carvings combined on the mirror can give a luxurious impression on the space. For those of you who want a room theme with a Victorian or shabby chic design, this mirror is suitable to complete the decoration of your room.

Abstract Indonesian Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors with abstract shapes you may have encountered in some public places such as restaurants or cafes. This mirror serves to beautify the interior of the room and also gives a unique impression.

Those are some references to Indonesian antique mirrors that you can apply according to your space needs. So which one is your wishlist?

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