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Antiques are an attraction in today’s modern times. Classic models with artistic touches make it have more value in the market. Antiques have their lovers. Collectors can even spend more money on items they love—no exception mirrors or antique glass with an elegant side, functional and artistic.

Origin of Mirror or Glass

The early 17th to 18th centuries mirror became a symbol of supreme status because it signifies perfection, strength, confidence, and wealth. In 3500 BC was the beginning of human civilization using glass materials, found simple artifacts such as amulets and jewelry with glass material cast from clay.

In 1500 BC, archaeologists discovered historical artifacts in Eastern Mesopotamia in storage equipment for storage purposes such as vases. Furthermore, an interesting thing was found in 650-100 BC. Archaeologists found guides or manuals for making glass materials. In 100 BC, the Ancient Roman Empire began using technology on architectural glass using Manganese dioxide.

Humans successfully discovered glass production techniques in the 7 – 8 centuries are inflatable glass, flat and furnace rotation. Thus, the use of window glass was born. Still, the material formula was secretive and closely guarded by the Byzantine kingdom.

In the end, the formula of glass material was widespread in the 16th century. Countries such as France, England, and Germany, competed to perfect glass-making techniques that gave smoother and homogeneous results.

After the 20th century, the float glass method became the leading method in the glass industry. In today’s 21st century, glass is the most sought-after material because of its benefits. Manufacture Antique Mirror is increasingly becoming when it has been launched tempered glass, laminated, double glassing, titanium, back-painted glass, acid glass, textured glass and so on.

Here are the advantages of antique mirrors:

1. Room accent

The classic and industrial design makes interior designers use mirrors as accents in their design tastes. You can beautify the interior of the house by giving an eye-catching antique mirror accent!

2. Functional

In addition to having a high artistic value due to the classic design, the functional significance of the mirror is what you get. Antique mirrors can still be used to reflect the surrounding visuals so that you or your visiting guests can use the mirror.

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