How to Decorate a Wall with Venetian Mirrors

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Currently, Venetian mirrors have been produced by various companies. One of the manufacturers of Venetian mirrors is Indonesia. This classic mirror has a lot of fans. If you like the traditional style, this Venetian mirror can be a suitable mirror recommendation to decorate the walls of your home. Originally, Venetian mirrors had frames made of carved wood or ivory. However, nowadays, it is more modern with floral motif decoration carved with the stone lathe.

Inspiring To Decorate walls with Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors are striking and elegant are perfect mirrors to decorate the room in your home, such as the living room, dressing room, even the bathroom. But, for that, you have to know how to maximize the beauty of this Venetian mirror. Here are some inspirations to decorate the walls with Venetian mirrors in Indonesia.

Venetian Mirror in The Bedroom

One of the places or rooms that you can put Venetian mirrors as a room decorator is a bedroom. Venetian mirrors can decorate the dressing room or the wall near your wardrobe, so when you’re looking to choose clothes to go out, you can see yourself from head to toe before you finally decide to wear the clothes you want to wear. You can also put this Venetian mirror on your dressing table to use when combing your hair or makeup.

Venetian mirrors to decorate the living room

The next room that could be the inspiration to decorate the walls with Venetian mirrors is the living room. Usually, Venetian mirrors in Indonesia or abroad in the living room are placed on the chimney. Or this Venetian mirror you can put on near the living room sofa. This Venetian mirror can be used as the main decoration dinging.

Venetian mirror in the bathroom

The inspiration for the next Venice mirror was the bathroom. This Venetian mirror is perfect for decorating your bathroom in a variety of different styles. If you want to give it a try, don’t choose other furniture that looks too flashy. Instead, you can use modern furniture or furniture with classic mirrors such as Venetian mirrors.

That’s some inspiration to decorate the walls with Venetian mirrors. This Venetian mirror is perfect for those of you who like classic style. Unfortunately, the price of this Venetian mirror is not low, so if anyone offers a low cost, you must be vigilant and careful!

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