History of Venetian Mirror Making in Indonesia

venetian mirror indonesia

Mirrors have been made many years ago, as well as the manufacture of Venetian mirrors in Indonesia. The Venetian Mirror is a mirror initially produced on the Italian island of Venetian in the 15th century with complex techniques and specific materials.

Although our country with Italy is different continents, this unique mirror used to get to Indonesia. The Dutch occupied Indonesia for a long time, allowing goods from Europe, including Venetian mirrors, to enter Indonesia.

At that time, the existence of Venetian mirrors did not number much in Indonesia. Considering the manufacture of Venetian mirrors in Indonesia is quite difficult because the primary material is only found in Italy, making the price of this mirror soars very high.

But over time, Indonesian artisans also learned how to make it. This is the reason for the manufacture of Venetian mirrors in Indonesia continues to this day.

There is a unique story behind the creation of Venetian mirrors in Indonesia. At that time, this unique mirror only served as a souvenir given to the empress or royal princess. But, as we know, the Javanese kingdom had a large palace in the city so that it can be displayed in it as a decoration of the room.

But over time, the mirror gets older and breaks down with age. So everyone’s trying to fix the antique mirror. One of those who can improve and make Venetian mirrors in Indonesia at that time is Mr. Rekan. He was the first person to make Venetian mirrors in Indonesia, especially in Solo, Central Java.

This is also the reason for the development of Venetian mirror making more in Solo, Central Java. Some kinds of Venetian mirrors can not be found outside the Solo city, Central Java.

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