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Antique mirror or familiarly known as antique glass, is now widely used for interior decoration. Along with the development of the times, people are creating various materials, including antique glass. So it’s no wonder that antique mirror manufacturer Indonesia is growing.

Antique glass is different from glass in general that is used to mirror or installed in the windows. This glass is classified as antique because it has a unique aesthetic value. When compared to other glass, antique mirror manufacturers make old-fashioned glass with a high artistic taste. Although applied to today’s home or office, it will not give the impression of the old. That’s the specialty of today’s antique glass manufacturers.

However, antique glass is not only used as a complement to the interior. It turns out that many mirror collectors are still diligently hunting for antique glass. His name is also a collector. It must have been his hobby of collecting various types of antique glass. Antique mirror Indonesia is quite a variety, so it is enjoyable to find a variety of models.

In addition to the model, antique glass can also be seen from the surface of the glass that is not clear or shiny. The antique mirror manufacturer deliberately produces such mirrors to look old-fashioned. So, on the surface will appear a little stain or rust made to impress the classic elements. Don’t worry. This mirror remains as quality as it is in general. Such spots exist because of mixing chemicals carried out by an exceptional team and already professional.

For those interested in owning it, it is not difficult to find an antique glass like this. Moreover, the craftsmen and glass producers in Indonesia are getting creative. This is because the choice of shapes and models is so diverse. Its utilization or placement can also be more flexible because although it is reasonably old-fashioned, antique glass can adapt to one’s needs and desires.

When it comes to price, the nominal can vary. Some are very affordable until reasonably high. This depends on the type and how unique the model is. Of course, the higher the old impression and the more unusual the details, the higher the price will be.

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