Development of Vintage Design Trends, Improving The Manufacture of Indonesian Antique Mirrors

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As we know, the development of vintage design trends in Indonesia is growing rapidly lately, thus impacting Indonesian antique mirror making. Therefore, design lovers are vying to explore their ideas to produce unique designs and different from others.

But not a few of them are recreating vintage designs that became a trend in the past few centuries. These are commonly called grand Millenials. Grandmillenial is an expression for someone who lives in modern times but has a relatively high appreciation of the past or antiques.

They also often ask interior manufacturers to make antiques following the theme. Among these antiques, what should not be left behind is a typical 15th-century antique mirror. Nobles and dignitaries once only used this antique mirror in Europe. But now, it can be owned by all circles.

Making antique mirrors can be said not easy. Considering antique mirrors requires its techniques and unique materials to give a vintage impression like the original mirror. This also causes the cost of making antique mirrors in Indonesia more expensive than ordinary mirrors. But still, these antique mirrors sell on the market.

The price of antique mirrors in Indonesia can be priced from hundreds to millions of rupiah. This also depends on the size and material used. The larger the size and quality of the materials used, the higher the price of this antique mirror.

For the manufacture of antique mirrors in Indonesia itself is more widely found in java, especially Central Java (Solo). This is not surprising considering the number of mirror artisans there. This vintage design trend will continue to grow and certainly positively impact the manufacture of Indonesian antique mirrors.

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