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Venetian Mirror Manufacturer, Professional Manufacturer of Beautiful Glass Manufacturers

Ever heard of venetian mirrors? For the uninitiated, venetian mirrors are the art of carving glass on the edges so that it becomes a frame. The middle part of the glass is maintained as an existence so that it can still be functioned to mirror. Unique, isn’t it? The unusual-looking glass attracted a lot of […]

Get to Know Antique Mirror Manufacturer

antique mirror manufacturer

Antique mirror or familiarly known as antique glass, is now widely used for interior decoration. Along with the development of the times, people are creating various materials, including antique glass. So it’s no wonder that antique mirror manufacturer Indonesia is growing. Antique glass is different from glass in general that is used to mirror or […]

Development of Vintage Design Trends, Improving The Manufacture of Indonesian Antique Mirrors

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As we know, the development of vintage design trends in Indonesia is growing rapidly lately, thus impacting Indonesian antique mirror making. Therefore, design lovers are vying to explore their ideas to produce unique designs and different from others. But not a few of them are recreating vintage designs that became a trend in the past […]

Indonesian Antique Mirror Space Aesthetic Enhancer

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The current function of mirrors is to show the reflection of our shadows and enhance the aesthetics of space, including Indonesian antique mirrors. Interior lovers often hunt Indonesian antique mirrors because of their uniqueness that can beautify the room. This antique mirror is adapted to the desired interior of the room, ranging from the shape, […]

History of Venetian Mirror Making in Indonesia

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Mirrors have been made many years ago, as well as the manufacture of Venetian mirrors in Indonesia. The Venetian Mirror is a mirror initially produced on the Italian island of Venetian in the 15th century with complex techniques and specific materials. Although our country with Italy is different continents, this unique mirror used to get […]

Your Antique Mirror Is Dirty? Let’s Clean It Up!

Antique Mirror Wholesale

Antique mirrors can be found in several antique mirror manufacturers in Indonesia. Antique mirrors have scratches and stains that make them an attraction in themselves. It is these scratches that make the room sweeter. However, caring for antique mirrors in Indonesia is difficult. If you are still a beginner may be confused about taking care […]

How Do You Choose the Right Antique Mirror?

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Antique mirror is one type of mirror that can certainly beautify and sweeten your room. However, choosing the wrong antique mirror can not make your room look more beautiful but instead make the room look worse. Therefore, you need to know how to select the correct antique mirror. Tips for Choosing Antique Mirrors Although there […]

How to Decorate a Wall with Venetian Mirrors

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Currently, Venetian mirrors have been produced by various companies. One of the manufacturers of Venetian mirrors is Indonesia. This classic mirror has a lot of fans. If you like the traditional style, this Venetian mirror can be a suitable mirror recommendation to decorate the walls of your home. Originally, Venetian mirrors had frames made of […]

Kinds of Antique Glass Uses

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Have you ever heard of antique glass? You might imagine it is a glass with old-fashioned frames. But, actually antique glass there is also a form of ordinary. However, the surface is not as clean as glass in general. Antique mirror manufacturers deliberately produce models like this to give the impression of old. Don’t worry. […]

Impressing Manufacture Antique Mirror

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Antiques are an attraction in today’s modern times. Classic models with artistic touches make it have more value in the market. Antiques have their lovers. Collectors can even spend more money on items they loveā€”no exception mirrors or antique glass with an elegant side, functional and artistic. Origin of Mirror or Glass The early 17th […]